4 First Aid Procedures For Dogs That Every Pet Owner Should Know

Learning first aid for your canine is important. Although it's not substitute for the expertise of your vet, there are times that emergency procedures must be performed at home until professional help is available. Dogs can suffer from choking, food poisoning or heat stroke at home and must be attended to right away.

5 Easy Care Tips For Senior Dogs

Like us, our pets grow older as time passes by. And as they do, their daily needs change. Caring for senior dogs is a lot different from caring for puppies and certain adjustments must be made to accommodate both their mental and physical needs.

5 Proven Methods to Stop a Cat Scratching Furniture and Carpets

Cat scratching is an expensive and embarrassing problem that vexes many cat owners. Cats make the most expensive pieces of furniture or your heirloom carpet their favorite scratching spot, much to the dismay and embarrassment of their owners.

5 Ways To Effectively Stop Excessive Barking in Dogs

Barking is natural for canines but when it keeps you up at night or when the neighbors start to complain, something must be done. It is important to find the main reason for the bad behavior and resolve it, but here are some other proven ways to stop excessive barking in dogs.

5 Quick Safety Tips for Dogs During Summer

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your pet. It's the perfect time to hit the beach, have a backyard barbecue or simply to enjoy hanging out in the park. But on some days, the sun could get scorching and while we can feel refreshed with just an ice cold drink, it is important to think about your furry friend's situation, too!

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