Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning
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A non-surgical alternative for keeping your pet happy and healthy.
20 years, 300,000 pets and nearly 9 million teeth.

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The Benefits of Anesthesia Free Cleaning

Anesthetized dental cleaning is surgery and the risks of anesthesia are sometimes greater than the benefits of the surgery itself.

Low Risk

Aside from the risks of anesthesia itself, anesthesia free dental cleaning eliminates the need to subject pet’s to laboratory pre-screenings, the use of IV catheters and fluids, breathing tubes and the need for life support & monitoring devices.

No Recovery Time

Another drawback to anesthesia are the side effects: behavioral change, grogginess, poor balance, chilling effects and nausea to name a few.  After a non-anesthetic cleaning, pets leave feeling like their usual self—but with much cleaner teeth.


Surgery not only carries risks, it’s expensive too. Anesthetized dental cleanings can cost upwards of $700 and are often cost prohibitive. Our anesthesia free approach ranges from $249 to $289, depending on degree of plaque buildup.


20 years, 300,000 pets and nearly 9 million teeth

Our 2 miniature poodles, Teddy and Tucker, were overdue for teeth cleaning and we had no idea how easy this procedure could be. Their teeth look spectacular - the contrast between “before and after” is amazing. We will definitely bring them back to Pearly White Pets for all future dental cleanings. The staff are very friendly and our dogs felt instantly at ease. These folks are experts and you will not be disappointed!

The Lyons Family, Washington, D.C.

I brought my dog and two cats to Pearly White Pets. I was uncertain as to how this would work especially for the cats, but I wanted to try having their teeth cleaned without sedation. I had heard about Pearly White Pets through a pet care company, and my vet recommended them as well. I couldn’t believe how smoothly the cleanings went. The pets were way calmer than I expected. They came out with their teeth looking beautiful! I look forward to using Pearly White Pets again.

Jessica B.

I am so pleased with Pearly White Pets!

My 12 year old Jack Russell had her teeth cleaned by their friendly staff and she did great.

Usually, she gets anesthesia and is out of it for 2 or 3 days. Today, she is raring to go right after having her teeth cleaned. I will definitely be coming back.

Susan F.