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    How to Take the Perfect Pic of Your Pooch

    Natural Light adds a professional quality to your photosYou know that your pooch is the cutest dog in the window, but how do you show the rest of the world? You have some stiff competition with all the cute puppies in the world, but you can use these tips to make sure that you capture your dog in the best light. After all, a picture is worth a thousand woofs!

    Introduce your dog to the camera

    Your dog is the cutest when he’s hanging out with the people he loves and in places he feels the most at home. Many dogs see the camera for the first time and feel nervous or threatened, which leads to less expressive pictures. Start getting your dog accustomed to the camera by taking frequent pictures of him and his surroundings. Give him treats when you pull the camera out so he starts associating the camera with something positive. If your puppy is having a hard time loosening up, maybe even enlist a friend to help you take photos while you pet and play with your furry friend.

    You might have more luck using the camera on your phone, even if the picture quality isn’t as good as with a standalone camera, since your dog is probably already accustomed to you looking at and holding up your phone.

    Use Natural Light

    Photos taken with natural light, which is to say outside or near a bright window when inside, are always more detailed and colorful than pictures taken in a room lit with lamp light. By taking a photo with natural light, you’ll be able to show off the enigmatic details that make your dog the best dog.

    Lure your dog with treats and praise

    Have props, toys, and treats on hand

    Every dog is different and so every dog is going to look best in a different kind of photograph. Be ready to experiment! That means having tools on hand for all kinds of shots. Use treats to help make your dog sit still for a portrait, toys for action shots, and props or furniture to help your dog relax. Don’t just stick to one style—try out a few. You never know when your dog will surprise you!

    Avoid stressors

    Every dog has different stressors, but there are a few you should avoid in all but the most comfortable dogs. The first is the flash— most dogs will panic at the flash of light, which will not only make for a poor photo, but could be bad for your dog’s health. Other than the flash, just make sure that you read your dog’s cues. Some dogs are absolutely comfortable in costumes; others will feel trapped or anxious. Just make sure to read your dog well and work with him and his needs and you’ll have a trending photo in no time.

    Photographing your dog in a quiet, known environment will give you more control over your photo shoot and allow your dog to be relaxed and happy and look just the way you see him at home.