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Keeping Your Cat Fit

Cat PlayingYour kitty may seem to want to spend all day curled up in the sun, but just like people, our feline companions need to get up and moving. Cats are natural hunters and they need physical activity to stay happy, healthy, and engaged, particularly when they are confined to an indoor space. Without proper exercise, cats can become obese, develop diseases, and even become depressed. So how do you get your cat to abandon their perch and start working out? Follow these tips:


Just like people, cats are more interested in exercise if it becomes a part of their daily life. Choose a time of day and set it aside to play with your cat. This time can be set around your schedule, but use your cat’s preference as well. Does your little guy seem to develop more energy in the evenings as you’re getting ready for bed? Or is he more active in the mornings? Choose a time to play and a room in your house to play in and stick to it. Your cat will grow accustomed to the exercise and be more willing to get up and moving every day.


Every cat is different. Some cats might be attracted to toys that make noise, while others might be more attracted to feathers, lights, or the smell of catnip. If your cat turns their nose up at the first toys you offer them, try something new. Remember that cats still have the minds of hunters, so you are looking for toys that appeal to that instinct. If your cat was once an outdoor cat, that may mean looking for a toy that reminds them of their favorite prey!

Cat with toy


Cats get bored just like we do. If someone tried to get you interested in the same book every single day, would you want to keep reading? Mix it up and keep your cat interested. This may mean keeping a variety of toys in a cabinet that you can pull out to entertain your cat, or it may mean keeping a few toys accessible to your cat at a time so that they can choose what they are interested in playing with. Either way, don’t confine your cat to just one kind of play. Cats like chasing, pouncing, jumping, scratching, and running. Use your imagination and keep things interesting for them and you’ll be surprised at how active they can be!