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Affordable Dental Care for Pets

Our experienced technicians meet with your pet on arrival and perform an oral examination to determine the degree of cleaning required and to assess if our anesthesia-free approach is the right choice for your pet. The cost of this exam is included in the price of the cleaning. However, if our technicians determine that they’re unable to perform the cleaning due to an aggressive personality or because your pet requires veterinarian care, a $90.00 examination fee is charged.

Mild Plaque

Gums may be inflamed and sensitive and odor may be noticeable.

$90.00 exam fee included
Medium Plaque

Gums are inflamed and swollen with moderate plaque.

$90.00 exam fee included
Heavy Plaque

Gums are swollen and bleed easily. Plaque is evident.

$90.00 exam fee included

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