Save the Earth with Your Dog

Superdog sitting on a logYour dog may not be Wonderdog or be flying through the air fighting crime quite yet, but did you know that you can help your dog save the planet? Other than just purchasing organic or recycled dog products, which can be hard to find or more expensive, it can be hard to figure out how to make pet ownership environmentally responsible. So how do we spoil our pups while still being mindful of the planet? Here are some tips to make every day with your dog green.

Reuse your plastic grocery bags

It can be tempting to buy cute poop-scooping bags to clean up your dog’s waste, but try using plastic grocery bags as a planet smart alternative. Not only will you not be contributing the production of more plastic waste, you’ll be reusing things you already own and cutting back on your pet expenses. If you do want to buy your own puppy poop bags, make sure you buy compostable ones or ones made from recycled plastic.

Make your own

Sometimes pet owners avoid going green with their pet products because the organic or recycled alternatives are more expensive or hard to find. Instead of giving up, take the chance to make your own! Dogs will love a doggy bed made from your old clothes, and you’ll love it too because it is easy and safe to wash! Stuff an empty water bottle into an old sock to make a crinkly chew toy for your dog do play with. Knot pieces of old jeans to make a rope and chew toy. The sky (and your imagination) are the limit!

As with any pet product you would buy, make sure the ones you make don’t pose a choking hazard or use materials that could be toxic.

Chihuahua drinking from a metal water bowl

Think ahead

The biggest way we can help reduce waste is by planning ahead. Do you know you’re going to be walking your dog on a hot day or staying out for many hours? Bring a reusable water bowl or a bottle your dog can drink from. Pet owners will often gravitate towards disposable cups when they need to get their dogs water and those cups end up in landfills. Bringing your own bowls means you’re cutting down on waste!